Privacy Policy


  • In using our plugin, Synergium will ensure your privacy is protected. We will not sell your personal information and will only use it for internal purposes.


This privacy policy explains how Synergium uses and protects the data provided to or collected through the Synergium plugin. The objective is to provide our visitors with a quality online experience whilst safeguarding your privacy.

Data Collection and Privacy

Synergium does not collect personally identifiable information from you except to the extent you have explicitly given such information to Synergium. The Privacy Policy is an integral part of this Agreement and is expressly incorporated by reference, and by entering into this Agreement you agree to (i) all of the terms of the Privacy Policy, and (ii) Synergium`s utilization of data as described in the Privacy Policy is not an actionable breach of your privacy or publicity rights.

Synergium may from time to time update or revise the Privacy Policy. If Synergium updates or revises the Privacy Policy, Synergium will notify you either by email to your most recently provided email address, by posting the updated or revised Privacy Policy on the Site or by any other manner chosen by Synergium in its commercially reasonable discretion. Your use of the Site, Services or Software following any such update or revision constitutes your agreement to be bound by and comply with the Privacy Policy as updated or revised.

In addition, Synergium may engage third parties to conduct risk control and fraud detection/prevention activities. As part of such engagements, if you initiate a transaction on the Site or through the Services, Synergium may give such third parties access to your pertinent credit card and other personal information. Such third parties may only use such personal information for purposes of performing risk control and fraud detection/prevention activities for us. However, they may also convert such personal information into hashed or encoded representations of such information to be used for statistical and/or fraud prevention purposes. By initiating any such transaction, you hereby consent to the foregoing disclosure and use of your information.

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